Yarn – The everlasting yarn and never old-fashioned! – Do not forget your roots

From the inception of the weaving loom, there have been tremendous changes in the clothing industry. In the past, knitting was one of the core methods of making clothing. However, times have changed and things are not the same any more. All the same, yarn is still being used in the fashion world, although not in the same magnitude it was used in the past. There is a need to revive the forgotten and neglected art of knitting, because of its innumerable benefits.

Why should we nurture the art of knitting in our children and the generations to come?

It arouses ones imagination

The wonderful handmade creations of yarn on different online stores are evident enough of the creativity and the high imagination of the knitters. Knitting has a way of reawakening creative ideas that we never imagined we had. Out of a yarn ball, one is able to create ornaments for holiday decorations, create embroidery designs on clothing, and make toys and jewelry among others. All these shows the capabilities of the yarn and most importantly the power of human creativity that only comes out when one is knitting. If you teach your kids how to knit, you may help them to do well in school and in their future lives as decision makers.

Keeps one engaged

Often, knitting follows a process. It is more like a food recipe. One mere mistake can ruin the final product. Hence, one needs to concentrate when they are knitting or crocheting, otherwise they will lose the count of the stitches. Furthermore, as you become an expert, you get addicted to it.

Income generator

If you are a keen shopper, you might have noticed that any item, which is handmade costs a quite a fortune. Knitting is a lucrative industry. If you are creative enough and have the right yarn in place, you can sell your products throughout the world. With this, you may not even need another job. There is money in knitting.

Accords a sense of satisfaction

The beauty with knitting is that it makes you a creator and designer. You understand how you feel when you get a recipe right. That is the same feeling you get when you complete a knitting project, especially if you came up with the pattern.

Health benefits

One may wonder how knitting relates to health. Research has it that, there is some correlation. Carrie Barron a psychiatrist working for the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons says that knitting reduces depression and anxiety. She is a knitter too. Hence, we can say that this is coming right from the horse’s mouth. She also points out that the art can help to prevent tendinitis and arthritis. How does this old skill alleviate stress and depression? As the knitter uses their hands, 60% of the brain activity is also focused on the act.

The rhythmic pattern keeps the mind off bad thoughts. It enables the person to get lost into another virtual world and they are protected from engaging in destructive thought. The knitter is enabled to have an internal reflection. This makes the person to think more creatively.

Another health benefit of knitting is that it enhances the mood of the knitter. If you are sad, simply reach out to your needles and yarn, and then let your imagination go wild. It is an effective way of dispelling sadness, without indulging in dangerous behaviors. As a parent, you can teach your teenager, how to knit and give them a getaway destination, when their lives are not going as they expected.

With all the above benefits, we cannot give up knitting yet. In a world that stressful circumstances, hang like a dark cloud on most people’s lives, knitting can be a relief. It can help us remove the sadness and replace it with happiness. Besides, it can enable us to harness creative minds in the children, for the sake of their future. We cannot overemphasize the importance of a healthy mind, which knitting is able to nurture. Nevertheless, you must use the best yarn for a satisfactory knitting job. Always work with Yarn Skein from MiraGoods. They are available on Amazon at prices you cannot imagine. The yarns are of unmatched quality and a silky touch to go with.

The magic of yarn – Part 7 – Yarn Toys – Crochet toys for beginners

Crocheting is the best method of making toys. If you have kids, you understand their love for toys. Sometimes the playing items can be very expensive. But, if you know how to crotchet, you can make your child a few lovely yarn toys but affordable. How do you go about it? All thanks to the internet, you can access several free patterns, which you can try out. For a starter it is important to start with simple crocheting techniques. Here is one crotchet toy for beginners you should make:

Baby monsters

Baby monsters are nothing but some puffy huge babies, just the right companion for your young ones. Their round-drum shape makes them to appear funny to the kids. As a beginner, this is the best project to start with, since it helps you to learn how to crotchet in the round. Below is the procedure:


  • A ball of worsted Yarn Skeins worsted-weight acrylic yarn of a color of your choice

  • Crotchet hook (Size E) or any other that you are comfortable using

  • Polyester fibre for stuffing the little monster

  • Plastic eyes for the baby monster

  • White felt

  • Embroidery floss

  • Craft glue

  • Scissors

  • Yarn needle

  • Embroidery needle

Head /body of the baby monster procedure

  1. Make a ring with the yarn, pass the hook through the front of the ring and hook the yarn. Then, make a loop through the ring.

  2. Wind the working yarn from behind around the hook and make another loop with the hook. This is referred to as a chain stitch and it is often abbreviated as “ch 1”.

  3. Into the ring, single crotchet six stitches through the ring and make a loop of the working yarn from the front.

  4. Now you have two loops on the hook. Wind the yarn on the hook from behind and pull the two loops. This is just one stitch that you have made into the ring. Make five more

  5. Pull up the short tail of the yarn, to complete the ring. This forms the foundation for the rest of your baby monster.

  6. To increase size of the circle, crotchet twice into every stitch- This does not have to be a nightmare. It only involves making two single stitches in one spot, which is regarded as an increase, denoted as “2 sc into next st”. For the first round, you will need to make 12 stitches. The most accurate way of counting the stitches, is by adding up every “v” that is around the ring/round.

  7. In the second round, make 18 stitches. How do you do this? Make two stitches and follow it with a single stitch, until the round is complete.

  8. The third round is the last ring you will need to increase. In this round, increase at every third stitch. What does this mean? You should single crotchet twice in the first stitch and single crotchet once in the following stitches. Repeat this process until you have finished the round. At the end, you should have 24 stitches. Make 9 rows using the same technique. The number of rows will depend with the height you want to achieve for your baby monster.

  9. Finish the baby monster- This means that you reduce some stitches on either side of the cylindrical crotchet toy.

  10. Base- the base of the monster should be the same size as its body. Use step 9 to make the base but stitch only a single row.

  11. Fix the plastic eyes by first using the white felt. You will later install eyelashes, eyebrows and all the other expressions, using the embroidery needle and floss. Make him some teeth too, using the felt.

  12. Stuff the baby monster with the polyester fillings

  13. Join the pieces using the yarn and the needle.

There you have it the whole process of making a baby monster. It might seem long and overwhelming but when you put the procedure into practice, you enjoy the whole process. All you need is the right materials. For the yarn, do not use any other type but MiraGoods Yarn Skeins. Click here to get them Now. They are made entirely of acrylic and available in all the colors in the color palette.

The Magic of yarn – Part 6 – Yarn Fashion – the top 10 uses of yarn in the fashion

The art of yarn is not going anywhere sooner. Today, as the world of fashion incline towards vintage wear, we can expect to see yarn clothing more often. The yarn is being used widely in the fashion scene. Nowadays, you will find yarn-clothing items of all designs in the online stores. They retail a bit higher than the fabric items. Maybe, because they are made by hand, from scratch. They are even labeled “hand-crafted items”. You too can learn how to use yarn in fashion. Below are some of the top uses of yarn in clothes, shoes and other fashion accessories.

  1. Yarn embroidery on outfits

The art of embroidery has never lost taste. Yarn has been used over the years to make embroidery designs of all kinds on outfits. The yarn helps to accent the outfit and make it more outstanding. These designs are made to stick out to attract attention and the yarn stands out just right. It comes in different colors to suit every project.

  1. Personalizing clothing

Personalized items are the envy of most people. The yarn is used to personalize items including clothes and bags. The personalizing project may include a number of things including writing the initials of the client and crocheting designs of choice on the item. The beauty with the yarn is that it marries well with all kinds of fabrics.

  1. Knitting yarn dresses

In the olden days, knitted dresses and skirts were the order of the day. They have made a comeback. You will see them in most fashion online stores. Yarn is used to make lovely dresses. Such a project would take one long time to complete but the product is amazing. A handmade yarn dress will certainly cost a fortune on the online stores. This is something you should give a thought.

  1. Yarn throws

Throws are no longer used entirely for keeping one warm. They are also fashion accessories, a woman should not miss in their closet. However, nothing ticks as yarn throws. They are soft to the touch, warmer and utterly beautiful. What more if they are made of acrylic yarn, they are perfect choices for people with allergies.

  1. Yarn scarves

Yarn is also made to make scarves. While scarves are often thought to be worn during the cold season, they are becoming an important part of fashion. They are hung around the neck to complement outfits. Sometimes, they are hung leisurely on the hand, for the same purposes. In other cases, they are placed on one side of the shoulder. As you can see, the scarves have many uses but a yarn scarf can go a long way.

  1. Yarn hats to complement fashion clothing

Hats come in handy during summer, when the temperatures get high. Besides, warmer hats are needed at winter when the temperatures become very uncomfortable. Yarn makes warm headgears. They can be made of different colors and designs.

  1. Yarn handbags and clutches

Women and handbags are inseparable. Mostly, they use leather but nowadays more options are coming up including yarn knitted or crocheted bags. The beauty with the handmade yarn handbags and clutches is that they have a rustic touch but still finding a place in the contemporary fashion.

  1. Yarn cardigans and sweaters

Cardigans and sweaters made of yarn are not only warmer but they are also classy. Yarn makes long lasting products. However, it all depends with the type of the yarn. Acrylic yarns are the ultimate choice when it comes to knitting projects. They have the right tension and they are available in an array of colors.

  1. Making trendy baby shoes or boots

Yarn is also used to make trendy baby boots or shoes. For yarn boots the best yarn should be used. This is because in as much as the boots are a piece of fashion, they are also supposed to make them warm.

  1. Yarn decoration on women shoes

Yarn is often used to decorate doll shoes for women. The decorations come in form of a bow or a love shape among other designs. Yarn decorations make the shoes bubbly and fashionable. The above creative ways of using yarn in fashion, shows the numerous ways in which you can use it. However, not every yarn will produce the best results. Yarn Skeins from here are of high quality, 100% acrylic and best suited for various yarn projects.

The magic of Yarn – Part 5 – The Yarn in the Garden

Yarn is a multipurpose raw material. There are innumerable ways of using yarn. One of them involves using it for garden decoration projects. You may be wondering how simple yarn can be used in the outdoors. On the contrary, there are many uses for the yarn in the garden. All that one need is a high imagination and everything else follows suit. However, if you cannot seem to have any ideas for these projects, there are several ideas online for you to implement. Here are some of the top 10 uses of yarn in the garden:

  1. Yarn planters

Planters are integral in the garden, especially when we are nurturing young plants. You can make your garden more inviting by using yarn planters. With the varying colors available in the market, you can blend your plants with the knitted planter. Consider using large needles to make the large bags, which you can plant, succulents. To ensure their longevity, hang them on the trees, shrubs or on other garden structures.

  1. Use yarn to decorate garden furniture

Your garden furniture is the centerpiece of the outdoors. You can transform its appearance by creating yarn covers for the cushions on the seats at the porch. No matter the color of your upholstered furniture, you can be sure to find a suitable yarn. However, as you choose the yarns for this project, it is important to select firm and long lasting yarns. Acrylic yarns are a perfect choice for most outdoor projects.

  1. Use yarn to wrap tea light holders

Usually, when people are holding garden parties or when they are spending evenings outdoors, they use candles and tea lights to create the desired mood. You can wrap the jars with a yarn of a color that matches with the rest of the décor. For an enhanced look, place different sizes of jars in the place.

  1. Make pretty napkin holders for your friends and family

Table setting makes all the difference in a garden party. You can make it even more welcoming by using yarn to crotchet simple but decorative napkin holders for your guests. They will really appreciate your thoughtfulness. The napkin holders can be used indoors too.

  1. Create yarn spheres for your garden

For a more Disney look in your garden, make spheres out of yarn and hang them between trees. The process of making the spheres does not require many materials. All you need is yarn balls of different colors, glue and balloons or Styrofoam balls. Consider intertwining them with lights. They will look better and be visible even at night.

  1. Crotchet small flowers to decorate your rocky surfaces

If you have bare rock surfaces in your garden, you may wonder how to decorate them. Using yarn, you can make some flowers and run them around the rock. Your imagination and creativity will be required here. You need to choose a suitable color combination. In addition, you have to choose a yarn that will stand the environmental pressures. Skein acrylic yarns can last for a long time without giving in to extreme weather parameters.

  1. Create throws for your outdoor seats

You can make a few yarn throws and place them at the back of the garden seats. Your family and guests can make use of them, to cover themselves, when relaxing in the garden in the evening.

  1. Make yarn mats for your garden seating space

If you have a space or a porch, you can transform the area with a few yarn mats. You can make use of the remaining bits of yarn in your house or you could purchase some online. The bits can make stuffy and colorful mats, which can augment the décor of your outdoor living space.

  1. Use yarn to screen out your outdoor living space

You can hang strands of yarn around the outdoor living area. Here again, you are allowed to jog your imagination. You can use different colors of yarn to make the place more appealing. This is the simplest garden yarn project there is. You only need a pair of scissors and yarn balls of various colors.

  1. Using yarn to clothe bouncy balls to increase seating area in the garden

This will not be a simple project. But, it will depend on the number of balls; you want to place in the crocheted net. The bouncy balls can enhance the décor of the garden and it can offer seating space for the adults. Besides, they can be a perfect playground for kids.

All the aforementioned garden yarn projects will need quality yarn that will stand the pressure of the weather elements. For all outdoor projects, consider Yarn Skeins acrylic bonbons, which are available for sale here.

The Magic of yarn – Part 4 – All about Yarn Ornaments

Whether you are preparing for the holiday season or for a birthday party, you will require ornaments. Decorations bring any venue arrive regardless of the occasion. If you have prepared a party before, you understand that ornaments come at a price. Fortunately, you can save money on your holiday or party preparations, by making yarn ornaments. Below are top 10 yarn ornament ideas, you can try. Some of the projects are suitable for kids too.

  1. Wind yarn around cardboard

All you need is cardboard. Cake wrappings and other carton packaging are great products for this project. With a sharp knife, make circle cutouts out of the cardboard. The circles should be of varying sizes. For best results, you may consider using round-shaped items to create well-defined circle outlines. Once you have the circles ready, make a pattern of your choice. It can be a pentagon, hexagon or better still a decagon, with a nail or a sharp object. After you have made the patterns, run the yarn preferably acrylic through the slits you have made, repeatedly. The ornaments can be hung on the wall or be added to the Christmas tree, to add some character. For a firm ornament, use acrylic yarn preferably Skein.

  1. Christmas door yarn wreath

We are used to Christmas wreaths made of fresh flowers or plastic ones. But, they can also be created from yarn. If you have yarn bits in your home, the better for you, since this project will be inexpensive. Use Styrofoam to make flower balls for your door wreath. Just wrap the yarn around the balls. Most holiday wreaths feature green and red colors; hence, it will be appropriate to use the same colors for the project.

  1. Create bears out of yarn balls

Using white yarn, you can make bears and make them a part of your holiday ornaments. In this project, you should wrap yarn around Styrofoam balls. Then, fix the pom poms on the “bear” to pass for the eyes and the nose. The yarn bears can be placed in your kid’s room or any other place you want.

  1. Make fruity decorations for the Christmas tree

You can use yarn with Styrofoam balls to make some form of fruits for your Christmas tree. This will reduce the cost of buying the artificial ornaments. Besides, you can use the ornaments for upcoming holidays, since yarn is long lasting.

  1. Use yarn bits as ornaments

Once you are done with your craft project, it is important to keep the yarn bits. They can be used for various purposes among them creating yarn ornaments. You can tie them in bundles of different colors and then use another string to hang them. The ornament can be placed on top of the entrance during holidays.

  1. Make ceiling ornaments

Yarn bits can also be used to make dangling ornaments for the roof of your home. Be it a birthday or the holiday season, the yarn balls can make your roof top to be more attractive. Take a bundle of the yarn remaining and make a knot at their center. You should include as many bits as possible. Then, cut them into a round ball.

  1. Valentine yarn ornaments

Valentine is an important day for most people. But, most people do not have an idea of what to give their loved ones to show their love on this big day. Using a heart shaped cookie cutter, glue and pieces of yarn; you can make a worthy gift for your love. It may look insignificant but such as an ornament can go a long way in strengthening your relationship.

  1. Snowy balloon yarn ornament

Balloons are often used in making yarn ornaments. However, this can be tricky, especially because you will be working on an inflated balloon. Nonetheless, using craft glue wrapping the yarn around the balloon will not be a challenge.

  1. Make yarn ball ornaments

You can make ornaments out of the remaining yarn balls. Insert two chopsticks into the different colored balls and place them anywhere in your home. They are simple but influential centerpieces for your décor in any season.

  1. Star yarn ornament

In this creative DIY yarn ornament project, you start by cutting a star template. Wind yarn around the outline, until the star is completely covered. To make the ornament firm, use strong craft glue. You can make the star ornaments in all colors.

These are just some of the yarn ornament ideas, which are available. You can pick a few and try them. For the best outcome and for long lasting ornaments, use pure acrylic yarns from MiraGoods. Click here to get them Now.

The Magic of Yarn – Part 3 – My doll’s first yarn sweater

If you have a daughter, you understand the attachment they have with their dolls. They keep the dolls close to them than any other toy they have. Dolls are not only adored by kids but they are also a favorite of a significant percentage of women. If you have one or your daughter does, you can clothe it with a beautiful handcrafted yarn sweater. This can make your doll more amazing. Would you like to learn how to knit a doll sweater? Read on!

There are many designs and techniques of making a doll sweater. Some patterns are complex whereas others are friendlier to beginners. We are going to knit a basic sweater for a doll an American girl doll basic sweater.

How to make a doll sweater the easy way

Materials and requirements

  • 100% acrylic Yarn Skeins from MiraGoods of worsted weight – in this case we choose the watercolor- Sea blue. It should measure 223m in yardage or 141g. However, it is best if you consider the yards more than the weight.

  • Gauge should be 14 stitches by 14 rows, which is equivalent to 4-inch by 4-inch or 10cm by 10cm.

  • Styles- Rib 1 knit stitch and 1 purl stitch. Stocking stitch involving 1 row and all odd rows of knit stitches whereas the second row and all other even rows featuring purl stitches.

  • The knitting needles- you can choose thick knitting needles since the American Girl Doll basic sweater we intend to make is buggy and bubbly.

For easy understanding of the whole procedure, it is best if we break them into manageable portions.

The front patch

  1. Ensure to cast on 30 stitches taking into account the edge stitches. Ensure that the stitches are tight enough, since they will be the basis of your doll yarn sweater.

  2. Knit rib for 4 rows

  3. Follow with stocking stitch for 26 rows

  4. At the 31st row cast off 8 stitches right in the middle of the front patch and continue knitting the rest of the right and left portions individually.

  5. Decrease 1 stitch at row 33 to create a neck outline

  6. At 34 to 36 make stocking stitch and cast off.

Back patch

  1. Cast on 30 stitches and this figure includes the edge stitches

  2. For the first 4 rows knit rib

  3. The next four rows should feature stocking stitches

  4. At the ninth row, divide the stitches into two equal parts and continue knitting each of the part separately.

  5. Make stocking stitches in the next 26 rows.

  6. At row 32 cast off four stitches to develop the neckline

  7. At the 33rd row, decrease 1 stitch to shape the neck

  8. For rows, 34 to 36 make some stocking stitches.

  9. Cast off. The back part of your American Girl doll sweater is complete


Now that you have the back and the front parts of your yarn doll sweater, it is time to make the sleeves. This will only take you a little time:

  1. Cast on 20 stitches, which include the edge stitches

  2. For the subsequent four rows knit rib

  3. At the last row, add some 10 stitches in an even manner

  4. Then, knit 18 stitches of the stocking stitch

The final touch

With the front part, the back portion and the sleeves, you can now join them to complete your doll sweater. Start with the shoulder seams. Take 36 stitches along the neckline and knit another 10 rows of rib for the collar. Cast off the stitches. Join all the other seams, ensuring that no snaps are left unattended.

With the comprehensive guide above, you are well acquainted with how to make a doll sweater. You can make one for your lovely daughter. Besides, many people out there are making money out of doll clothes. You too can learn how to make pretty sweaters, cardigans and knitted dresses for dolls. Their demand never goes down. However, for your doll sweaters to stand out, you must knit with quality yarn. Acrylic yarns have always been a perfect choice for knitting. For 100% acrylic yarns, click here. There are yarns of different colors, gauges, yardage and all the other important specifications.

The 7 Yarn Wonders

When most people look at yarns, they normally make various exclamations. Mostly, people appreciate their color, feel and the thickness. You cannot imagine the number of uses you can put yarns into. You can make beautiful items out of the simple yarns. As long as you have the necessary tools, a heightened imagination and a zeal for implementing the project, you can be sure to make wonderful creations out of yarn. If you have the will but you do not have the ideas, do not worry. There are several yarn project ideas online you can choose from. You can pick a few and try them at home. You can even make money out of the yarn projects. Below are beneficial ways in which you can use yarn.

  1. Knit a scarf or a shawl

Winter can be challenging especially if you live in the temperate regions. Since, the cold season is inevitable, it is your responsibility to keep warm. With thick and soft-textured yarn, you can knit a scarf or a trendy shoulder shawl. The shawl will not only keep you warm but it will complement your wear. However, to make these items, you will need some skills on how to work with the knitting needles. It should not take you long to learn especially today, where there are numerous learning resources online. You can mix a few colors especially for the scarf, to make it more exciting. If you are good at it, you can make some extra items and make money out of them.

  1. Make a necklace

You may wonder how this is possible but it is. You can make a set of jewelry with yarn. All you need is quality yarn and crotchet. Your imagination will help you a great deal. Make it as wild as your personality or it can be plain. Use a few colors to add character to the necklace. To make the necklace durable and long lasting, consider running the yarn over a metallic ring. You may also use metallic joints to enhance the strength of the yarn-necklace. Complete the project by creating a pendant made of yarn. You can crotchet it into a shape of your choice. This project will not take you long to complete. Hence, you can make several of these necklaces and sell them out or better still give them to your friends as a gift.

  1. Use yarn to highlight weaved items

If you run weaving projects, yarn can make all the difference in your final products. Use it to highlight weaved items be it scarves, shawls and the like. You can either use it to complement the item or contrast it. It all depends with the effect you want to create. However, make sure that the yarn you choose for this project, goes in line with the material of weaved items. That is, it is not too wide enough to make large holes into the item. This may ruin its appearance and trim its lifespan too.

  1. Create decorative wall hangings and floor mat

In addition, you can use yarn to make decorative mats and wall hangings. There are two ways of doing this. You can either crotchet or knit the mats or the wall hangings. Alternatively, you can use yarn to make floor mats, using the weaving method. Here you will need a floor mat-weaving pad. Then using the crotchet, you can weave in the pieces of yarn into the openings. Fix them and cut into the right size. The result is a fluffy mat that looks gorgeous and feels soft to your feet. This too can be your breadwinner.

  1. Make vases from empty bottles

Empty bottles often get to our dustbins. What many people do not know is that the same bottles can be more useful. Using yarn, you can wrap around the bottle and place a flower attachment on its front, if you like. This can be an awesome vase to hold your rose flower cuttings.

  1. Use yarn to enhance house décor

Simple things like rugged tree branches can be made alive with colorful yarns. You can make a few balls of the different colored yarns and attach them to the branches as some kind of fruits or flowers. This can form an amazing décor piece for your living room.

  1. Make bookmarks out of yarn

Instead of dog-earring your books, you can make bookmarks out of yarn, by crocheting. This can be your specialty too, which can make you a few extra coins.

For all the above yarn projects, quality yarn is paramount. Nothing beats the acrylic yarn – its firmness and usability are outstanding. Buy MiraGoods Acrilyc Yarn Pack from Amazon Now.

The Magic of yarn- Part 2- How to knit- Beginners guide

Knitting is an art on itself. At first, it may seem challenging but when you learn it, you realize that it is the most interesting thing to do on your spare time. Besides, you can also make some extra bucks through knitting. However, you need to learn the techniques so that you can get started. Some of them are for advanced knitters but there are also other simpler ones for the novice practitioners. Below is a detailed account of top three knitting techniques for beginners. Learn and practice.

Of all the available knitting techniques, these three are common and as a beginner, is necessary you learn them first:

  1. Knit stitch(k)

The knit stitch is the simplest of all the knitting techniques. It is the commonest too. You are likely to find it on knit sweaters and other attires. How do you implement this stitch?

  • With your yarn at the back of your work, pass the right hand needle through the front side of the first stitch, at the left hand needle from left to right.

  • Run the yarn over the right hand needle

  • Make a loop

  • Now slip the new stitch to the left hand needle

  • Repeat this process until all the stitches have been moved back to the right hand needle

If you want more textured patterns, you can reverse the procedure above. The only thing you have to do is to insert the right hand needle from the back of the stitch on the left hand needle. You then follow steps 2 to 5. You will have learnt yet another knitting technique named “knit into the back of a stitch” or KB1.

  1. Purl stitch (p)

Another basic knitting technique, you should have at your fingertips is the purl stitch. Here is how to go about it:

  • With the yarn placed at the front of the work, place the right hand needle to run from right to left via the front side of the first stitch on the left hand needle.

  • Run the yarn around the right hand needle

  • Make a loop through to the back

  • Now remove the older stitch from the left hand needle

Just like in the knit stitch, you can purl at the back of a stitch (PB1) too. Put the needle through the back of the stitch from the back of the left hand needle. Then, bring the sharp end of the right hand needle to the front. You should follow the other steps outlined under purl stitch.

The purl stitch has a more defined pattern than the knit stitch. However, your choice depends on the pattern you are looking forward too. To make the patterns even more outstanding, you can use acrylic yarns. They are firmer and available in an array of colors.

  1. Garter stitch

The Garter stitch combines both the purl stitch and knit stitch. The garter makes an adorable blend of patterns. It is important to understand that most decorative designs, which are found on yarn knit projects, borrow a lot from the two basic knitting techniques. The garter, involves a row of purl stitches and a few of knit stitches. The processes of the two methods are repeated in an alternate pattern until the entire knitted patch is complete. If you learn the knit and purl style, the garter stitch will be a mere walkover.

As you make progress in knitting, you may feel the need to make economic yarn projects. It is important to have the best yarn for your knitting. Nothing can produce better results than the acrylic yarn. It has a silky touch and appearance, while remaining highly durable. However, it is essential to ensure that you are buying 100% acrylic yarn. The best place to buy yarn is online. This is especially, if you are buying yarn for a large project, since discount offers are guaranteed when you buy on wholesale. Besides, it is unlikely to miss the color or the gauge of the yarn that you are looking for. For top-notch quality yarn made from pure acrylic, be sure to check MiraGoods Acrilyc Yarn Pack. Here you will find acrylic yarns of all gauges, yardage and color, to make your dream come true. Do not settle for less.

The Magic of Yarn- Part 1 – How to create a beautiful yarn bracelet

Of all the available yarn projects, making a yarn bracelet can be classified as among the simplest things to do. However, it requires skills and creativity to make a beautiful bracelet. There are several yarn bracelet designs, you can use. It all depends with the results you want. Is it a friendship bracelet? It can be a beautiful piece that you want to give your daughter. If it is yours, there are no limitations into what to include or not. If you cannot seem to have a design in mind, here are few designs you can consider.

How to make a simple friendship bracelet

Friendship yarn bracelets are the easiest to use. But, do not beat yourself down, because you do not know how to make these bracelets. You can always learn. The good thing is that there are no technicalities when it comes to making a friendship bracelet. You can make them in less than an hour. Below is the procedure:

Before we get into the procedure, you will require:

  • Thin embroidery yarn (preferably Yarn Skein acrylic)

  • Safety pins- the pins are for holding the bracelet in place as you make it. You can use a tape in the place of safety pins.

  • Scissors

The procedure

  1. Measure and cut the yarn- Cut about 30inches of the yarn. To get this right, measure your wrist and cut a yarn that is five times that length. You may need to add extra 6 inches, especially if you are making a six-stranded bracelet. Remember the more the strands the better. However, do not make it too bulky that is so cumbersome to wear.

  2. Establish the number of strands for your friendship bracelet. The best figure is 6, since it guarantees a firm bracelet that can last for some time. However, you can make it eight. You can make the strands to be of varying colors, so that the bracelet comes out very colorful and beautiful.

  3. Take the strands and make a knot at one end – You should ensure that the strands are attached to the tabletop or a pillow. This will allow you to braid the bracelet at ease.

  4. Now take the first strand and use it to run over all the other strands. You should make small knots on each strand to give it the best appearance. Braid the strands as you make a knot until you have a bracelet of 3 to 4 inches.

  5. Finish the bracelet- Once you are done; tie a knot at the end of your braided bracelet. Your friendship bracelet is ready.

The Daisy Chain Bracelet

It is derives its name from its flowery patterns that are similar to the lovely daisies. You need yarn, a pair of scissors and measuring tape. The yarn should be thick but again moderate to allow you to braid a few strands together. How do you go about it?

  1. Cut three strands from the yarn ball- They should measure about 55 inches equivalent to 138cm. You can pick any color but a flowery is recommendable.

  2. Determine the color that you want to be the chain of the bracelet- The other two strands will be the flower and its centre.

  3. Braid the flowers- with the right first strand make a half-backward knot. This result in a single knot, but ensure it is in its rightful place as it would in a complete backward knot. The idea is to have 1, 2, 3,3,2,1, string sequence. On the left side, with the right 1 create a half forward knot. This makes a single knot and put it in the place it would be, if it were a full forward knot. The sequence will change to 3, 2,1,1,2.3. This way the first color remains as the chain whereas others make the daisy flowers

  4. Repeat this process and make sure the colors stays where you want them.

  5. When you have braided to a comfortable length make a knot. Your bracelet is ready for wear.

Lava lamp bracelet

The lava lamp bracelet is an iconic handmade bracelet. It resembles a series of connected lampshades. Here is how to make it:

  1. Arrange your yarn strands into the sequence of ABCDEEDCBA. With strand A on the right, create some backward knots. Repeat the process on the left side but making forward knots. Then, join the strands.

  2. Using your strand A make a forward knot on E. Do the same by making a backward knot. By now, the order of the strings should be BCDAEEADCB.

  3. With the left A strand make a forward knot and backward one with the right A strand, and then join them. The sequence should be BCDEAAEDCB.

  4. Repeat step (2) on all the strands. Do this until the bracelet is long enough.

  5. Finish it by tying a knot or you can place a bead at the end for a more decorative finish.

You should try the above projects. You never know they could make you extra money. Just remember to use quality yarn like the acrylic yarns. Do not buy anywhere; check MiraGoods Yarn Pack listing on Amazon for top quality yarns and great deals.

The Story of Yarn

The story of yarn – use yarn for knitting, crocheting and vast variety of projects. Why choose acrylic yarn?

Yarn has been used since in memorial. People from all over the world have made amazing things out of yarn. Usually, it is used in crocheting and knitting. However, that is not all. You could be surprised to find that yarn has more capabilities than you can imagine. The beauty with using yarn in various projects is its availability in diverse colors. You can put your imagination to task, with the yarn and the necessary tools. Whether you want to put some embroidery on a tablecloth, make some decorative pieces for your house or better still knit something for your child’s birthday, yarn will produce an amazing piece.

If you did not know, yarn comes in different types. In addition, the outcome of a particular craft project depends solely on the quality of the yarn. Besides, some projects require a specialty yarn. Acrylic yarn is one of a kind and it is often recommended for most projects. But, before we delve on this subject, how do you choose the best yarn for your project?

How to choose a suitable yarn for your project

Before you select any type of yarn, it is important to understand that garment shapes, yarns and stitch patterns must blend. Choosing the best yarn from the vast collection can be challenging. However, the tips below can help a great deal:

Blend the yarn with the stitch

To achieve the best results with your project, it is important that the yarn you select, match well with the stitch. It should either complement it or contrast it. As a rule of the thumb, if the yarn is wild the shape of the garment or sweater as well as the pattern should be simple. On the other hand, if the yarn is plain, the shape and the stitch should be more detailed. For instance, smooth-plied yarn but in a solid color should be used for more complex patterns. This kind of yarn makes the stitches more defined. The novelty and variegated yarns are great when used to make simple stitches such as garter and stockinette. Then, there are the inelastic yarns including silk, bamboo, soy, cotton among others.

Replace one yarn with another

If a particular yarn is unavailable or you do not want to use, you can substitute it with another. However, you need to consider a few factors, especially if you are not well acquainted with yarns. Be sure, to take into account the yardage, weight and the fiber of the yarn.

Acrylic yarn for all types of projects

Of all the available yarns, acrylic yarn beats them all. Here are the reasons why you should choose the yarn:

  • It is durable- Items made of acrylic yarn last long. The clothing can be passed to generations. The yarn has a high capability of standing pressure from years of use and wash. Hence, you can be assured that you are making something durable.
  • Comes in a variety of colors- Acrylic yarn is available in most of the colors in the color palette. No matter what kind of project you intend to implement, you will find a suitable color.
  • It is firm- The yarn is firm enough to make window scrubbing pads and for wiping any other surfaces.
  • It is fit for machine wash- No need to worry about, the kind of dirt you throw to it. The yarn cleans easily and its texture remains the same for years.
  • Acrylic yarn is non-allergic- This yarn is appropriate to use in making baby blankets since it does not cause allergic reactions.
  • Works magic when blended with other natural yarns

You can do so much with yarn. You can knit, crochet, make some cute lampshades and table mats. However, as mentioned earlier, the quality of the yarn matters a lot. Acrylic yarns are of top-notch quality and they can be used on a variety of projects. Furthermore, they come in several colors and they are pocket friendly. If quality, durability and versatility are what you are looking for, be sure to check MiraGoods Yarn Pack on Amazon. You will find Yarn Skeins acrylic yarn of unmatched quality in all the colors you would want. Make these yarns, your sole raw material for all your craft projects.