Crochet Design for Beginners - The Basics

Crochet patterns have been done for many years. Recently it is

becoming a trend again in the fashion world. By learning about it, the

person will be able to come up with some great designs to show to


When people start something new, it is best to start with the basics.

This happens in almost everything and crochet patterns is no


If you have done cross stitching in the past, it will be easy to

understand how certain designs are done. If you have not had any

experience in the past, then it is best to enroll in a class then

after some time, can move on to crochet patterns.

The fashion world is a very good place to learn more about crochet

patterns. Since this is dictated by some of the world’s renowned

brands, learning from these professionals will keep the person up to

date of the latest trends.

Fashion shows usually feature the upcoming clothes a few months before

it is launched. By watching then studying the fabric once it hits the

stores, you will be able to make a similar design that is also abreast

with what is new and hot.

Should you not be able to catch the fashion show, then the next place

to learn it is in reference materials such as books,youtube videos,

crochet and knitting forums, and facebook. This should have everything

including the materials to be used.

There are also some shows on TV and magazines that can be bought which

feature some of the basic to the more advanced designs. You have to

simply understand the instructions given and work on it.

Basics should be done only using one color. The person should practice

this in making a simple object such as a wash cloth. Should this be

successful, then moving on to bigger things can begin.

A slipknot is one of the basics in making crochet patterns. You do not

need to use a needle and simply work it with the hands. While one end

is in around the fingers, the ball of yarn can be thrown in the air.

After making a few loops, this will end with you making a knot using

both hands.

One of the many challenges in crochet patterns is switching from one

color to the next. This can be done by stopping with one color then

slowly slipping a different color thread into the needle.

Another basic technique that the person should learn is mixing. This

is done using 2 needles each with a different color of thread. By

making these face one another and letting one of the needles work over

the other, the print will become multi-colored.

Purl stitch is another technique used to make crochet patterns. This

is very similar to mixing. The yarn is already around one needle. The

person will then use the other to work its way inside until both can

be used to work together to create a pattern.

Cross stitching is very challenging and will take a lot of work. After

exercising some of the basics, you can move on to make figures,

shapes, lines and others to make it stand out.

You have to remember that the fashion industry goes by seasons. This

means that you should work fast to finish you crochet project, or

start earlier.

Beginners should be able to draw it on paper to analyze how a certain

design should be done. By using this as a guide, you will be able to

monitor the progress of the work.

Crochet patterns can be done on almost anything. By working on some

small household items then moving on to clothes, accessories and

decorations, the person’s crochet pattern skills have dramatically


There are many ways to learn about the basics of crochet patterns. If

you are passionate about it, it is important to devote some time to

read about crocheting and watch how this is done.

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