The 7 Yarn Wonders

When most people look at yarns, they normally make various exclamations. Mostly, people appreciate their color, feel and the thickness. You cannot imagine the number of uses you can put yarns into. You can make beautiful items out of the simple yarns. As long as you have the necessary tools, a heightened imagination and a zeal for implementing the project, you can be sure to make wonderful creations out of yarn. If you have the will but you do not have the ideas, do not worry. There are several yarn project ideas online you can choose from. You can pick a few and try them at home. You can even make money out of the yarn projects. Below are beneficial ways in which you can use yarn.

  1. Knit a scarf or a shawl

Winter can be challenging especially if you live in the temperate regions. Since, the cold season is inevitable, it is your responsibility to keep warm. With thick and soft-textured yarn, you can knit a scarf or a trendy shoulder shawl. The shawl will not only keep you warm but it will complement your wear. However, to make these items, you will need some skills on how to work with the knitting needles. It should not take you long to learn especially today, where there are numerous learning resources online. You can mix a few colors especially for the scarf, to make it more exciting. If you are good at it, you can make some extra items and make money out of them.

  1. Make a necklace

You may wonder how this is possible but it is. You can make a set of jewelry with yarn. All you need is quality yarn and crotchet. Your imagination will help you a great deal. Make it as wild as your personality or it can be plain. Use a few colors to add character to the necklace. To make the necklace durable and long lasting, consider running the yarn over a metallic ring. You may also use metallic joints to enhance the strength of the yarn-necklace. Complete the project by creating a pendant made of yarn. You can crotchet it into a shape of your choice. This project will not take you long to complete. Hence, you can make several of these necklaces and sell them out or better still give them to your friends as a gift.

  1. Use yarn to highlight weaved items

If you run weaving projects, yarn can make all the difference in your final products. Use it to highlight weaved items be it scarves, shawls and the like. You can either use it to complement the item or contrast it. It all depends with the effect you want to create. However, make sure that the yarn you choose for this project, goes in line with the material of weaved items. That is, it is not too wide enough to make large holes into the item. This may ruin its appearance and trim its lifespan too.

  1. Create decorative wall hangings and floor mat

In addition, you can use yarn to make decorative mats and wall hangings. There are two ways of doing this. You can either crotchet or knit the mats or the wall hangings. Alternatively, you can use yarn to make floor mats, using the weaving method. Here you will need a floor mat-weaving pad. Then using the crotchet, you can weave in the pieces of yarn into the openings. Fix them and cut into the right size. The result is a fluffy mat that looks gorgeous and feels soft to your feet. This too can be your breadwinner.

  1. Make vases from empty bottles

Empty bottles often get to our dustbins. What many people do not know is that the same bottles can be more useful. Using yarn, you can wrap around the bottle and place a flower attachment on its front, if you like. This can be an awesome vase to hold your rose flower cuttings.

  1. Use yarn to enhance house décor

Simple things like rugged tree branches can be made alive with colorful yarns. You can make a few balls of the different colored yarns and attach them to the branches as some kind of fruits or flowers. This can form an amazing décor piece for your living room.

  1. Make bookmarks out of yarn

Instead of dog-earring your books, you can make bookmarks out of yarn, by crocheting. This can be your specialty too, which can make you a few extra coins.

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