The Magic of Yarn- Part 1 – How to create a beautiful yarn bracelet

Of all the available yarn projects, making a yarn bracelet can be classified as among the simplest things to do. However, it requires skills and creativity to make a beautiful bracelet. There are several yarn bracelet designs, you can use. It all depends with the results you want. Is it a friendship bracelet? It can be a beautiful piece that you want to give your daughter. If it is yours, there are no limitations into what to include or not. If you cannot seem to have a design in mind, here are few designs you can consider.

How to make a simple friendship bracelet

Friendship yarn bracelets are the easiest to use. But, do not beat yourself down, because you do not know how to make these bracelets. You can always learn. The good thing is that there are no technicalities when it comes to making a friendship bracelet. You can make them in less than an hour. Below is the procedure:

Before we get into the procedure, you will require:

  • Thin embroidery yarn (preferably Yarn Skein acrylic)

  • Safety pins- the pins are for holding the bracelet in place as you make it. You can use a tape in the place of safety pins.

  • Scissors

The procedure

  1. Measure and cut the yarn- Cut about 30inches of the yarn. To get this right, measure your wrist and cut a yarn that is five times that length. You may need to add extra 6 inches, especially if you are making a six-stranded bracelet. Remember the more the strands the better. However, do not make it too bulky that is so cumbersome to wear.

  2. Establish the number of strands for your friendship bracelet. The best figure is 6, since it guarantees a firm bracelet that can last for some time. However, you can make it eight. You can make the strands to be of varying colors, so that the bracelet comes out very colorful and beautiful.

  3. Take the strands and make a knot at one end – You should ensure that the strands are attached to the tabletop or a pillow. This will allow you to braid the bracelet at ease.

  4. Now take the first strand and use it to run over all the other strands. You should make small knots on each strand to give it the best appearance. Braid the strands as you make a knot until you have a bracelet of 3 to 4 inches.

  5. Finish the bracelet- Once you are done; tie a knot at the end of your braided bracelet. Your friendship bracelet is ready.

The Daisy Chain Bracelet

It is derives its name from its flowery patterns that are similar to the lovely daisies. You need yarn, a pair of scissors and measuring tape. The yarn should be thick but again moderate to allow you to braid a few strands together. How do you go about it?

  1. Cut three strands from the yarn ball- They should measure about 55 inches equivalent to 138cm. You can pick any color but a flowery is recommendable.

  2. Determine the color that you want to be the chain of the bracelet- The other two strands will be the flower and its centre.

  3. Braid the flowers- with the right first strand make a half-backward knot. This result in a single knot, but ensure it is in its rightful place as it would in a complete backward knot. The idea is to have 1, 2, 3,3,2,1, string sequence. On the left side, with the right 1 create a half forward knot. This makes a single knot and put it in the place it would be, if it were a full forward knot. The sequence will change to 3, 2,1,1,2.3. This way the first color remains as the chain whereas others make the daisy flowers

  4. Repeat this process and make sure the colors stays where you want them.

  5. When you have braided to a comfortable length make a knot. Your bracelet is ready for wear.

Lava lamp bracelet

The lava lamp bracelet is an iconic handmade bracelet. It resembles a series of connected lampshades. Here is how to make it:

  1. Arrange your yarn strands into the sequence of ABCDEEDCBA. With strand A on the right, create some backward knots. Repeat the process on the left side but making forward knots. Then, join the strands.

  2. Using your strand A make a forward knot on E. Do the same by making a backward knot. By now, the order of the strings should be BCDAEEADCB.

  3. With the left A strand make a forward knot and backward one with the right A strand, and then join them. The sequence should be BCDEAAEDCB.

  4. Repeat step (2) on all the strands. Do this until the bracelet is long enough.

  5. Finish it by tying a knot or you can place a bead at the end for a more decorative finish.

You should try the above projects. You never know they could make you extra money. Just remember to use quality yarn like the acrylic yarns. Do not buy anywhere; check MiraGoods Yarn Pack listing on Amazon for top quality yarns and great deals.

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