The Magic of Yarn – Part 3 – My doll’s first yarn sweater

If you have a daughter, you understand the attachment they have with their dolls. They keep the dolls close to them than any other toy they have. Dolls are not only adored by kids but they are also a favorite of a significant percentage of women. If you have one or your daughter does, you can clothe it with a beautiful handcrafted yarn sweater. This can make your doll more amazing. Would you like to learn how to knit a doll sweater? Read on!

There are many designs and techniques of making a doll sweater. Some patterns are complex whereas others are friendlier to beginners. We are going to knit a basic sweater for a doll an American girl doll basic sweater.

How to make a doll sweater the easy way

Materials and requirements

  • 100% acrylic Yarn Skeins from MiraGoods of worsted weight – in this case we choose the watercolor- Sea blue. It should measure 223m in yardage or 141g. However, it is best if you consider the yards more than the weight.

  • Gauge should be 14 stitches by 14 rows, which is equivalent to 4-inch by 4-inch or 10cm by 10cm.

  • Styles- Rib 1 knit stitch and 1 purl stitch. Stocking stitch involving 1 row and all odd rows of knit stitches whereas the second row and all other even rows featuring purl stitches.

  • The knitting needles- you can choose thick knitting needles since the American Girl Doll basic sweater we intend to make is buggy and bubbly.

For easy understanding of the whole procedure, it is best if we break them into manageable portions.

The front patch

  1. Ensure to cast on 30 stitches taking into account the edge stitches. Ensure that the stitches are tight enough, since they will be the basis of your doll yarn sweater.

  2. Knit rib for 4 rows

  3. Follow with stocking stitch for 26 rows

  4. At the 31st row cast off 8 stitches right in the middle of the front patch and continue knitting the rest of the right and left portions individually.

  5. Decrease 1 stitch at row 33 to create a neck outline

  6. At 34 to 36 make stocking stitch and cast off.

Back patch

  1. Cast on 30 stitches and this figure includes the edge stitches

  2. For the first 4 rows knit rib

  3. The next four rows should feature stocking stitches

  4. At the ninth row, divide the stitches into two equal parts and continue knitting each of the part separately.

  5. Make stocking stitches in the next 26 rows.

  6. At row 32 cast off four stitches to develop the neckline

  7. At the 33rd row, decrease 1 stitch to shape the neck

  8. For rows, 34 to 36 make some stocking stitches.

  9. Cast off. The back part of your American Girl doll sweater is complete


Now that you have the back and the front parts of your yarn doll sweater, it is time to make the sleeves. This will only take you a little time:

  1. Cast on 20 stitches, which include the edge stitches

  2. For the subsequent four rows knit rib

  3. At the last row, add some 10 stitches in an even manner

  4. Then, knit 18 stitches of the stocking stitch

The final touch

With the front part, the back portion and the sleeves, you can now join them to complete your doll sweater. Start with the shoulder seams. Take 36 stitches along the neckline and knit another 10 rows of rib for the collar. Cast off the stitches. Join all the other seams, ensuring that no snaps are left unattended.

With the comprehensive guide above, you are well acquainted with how to make a doll sweater. You can make one for your lovely daughter. Besides, many people out there are making money out of doll clothes. You too can learn how to make pretty sweaters, cardigans and knitted dresses for dolls. Their demand never goes down. However, for your doll sweaters to stand out, you must knit with quality yarn. Acrylic yarns have always been a perfect choice for knitting. For 100% acrylic yarns, click here. There are yarns of different colors, gauges, yardage and all the other important specifications.

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