The Magic of yarn – Part 4 – All about Yarn Ornaments

Whether you are preparing for the holiday season or for a birthday party, you will require ornaments. Decorations bring any venue arrive regardless of the occasion. If you have prepared a party before, you understand that ornaments come at a price. Fortunately, you can save money on your holiday or party preparations, by making yarn ornaments. Below are top 10 yarn ornament ideas, you can try. Some of the projects are suitable for kids too.

  1. Wind yarn around cardboard

All you need is cardboard. Cake wrappings and other carton packaging are great products for this project. With a sharp knife, make circle cutouts out of the cardboard. The circles should be of varying sizes. For best results, you may consider using round-shaped items to create well-defined circle outlines. Once you have the circles ready, make a pattern of your choice. It can be a pentagon, hexagon or better still a decagon, with a nail or a sharp object. After you have made the patterns, run the yarn preferably acrylic through the slits you have made, repeatedly. The ornaments can be hung on the wall or be added to the Christmas tree, to add some character. For a firm ornament, use acrylic yarn preferably Skein.

  1. Christmas door yarn wreath

We are used to Christmas wreaths made of fresh flowers or plastic ones. But, they can also be created from yarn. If you have yarn bits in your home, the better for you, since this project will be inexpensive. Use Styrofoam to make flower balls for your door wreath. Just wrap the yarn around the balls. Most holiday wreaths feature green and red colors; hence, it will be appropriate to use the same colors for the project.

  1. Create bears out of yarn balls

Using white yarn, you can make bears and make them a part of your holiday ornaments. In this project, you should wrap yarn around Styrofoam balls. Then, fix the pom poms on the “bear” to pass for the eyes and the nose. The yarn bears can be placed in your kid’s room or any other place you want.

  1. Make fruity decorations for the Christmas tree

You can use yarn with Styrofoam balls to make some form of fruits for your Christmas tree. This will reduce the cost of buying the artificial ornaments. Besides, you can use the ornaments for upcoming holidays, since yarn is long lasting.

  1. Use yarn bits as ornaments

Once you are done with your craft project, it is important to keep the yarn bits. They can be used for various purposes among them creating yarn ornaments. You can tie them in bundles of different colors and then use another string to hang them. The ornament can be placed on top of the entrance during holidays.

  1. Make ceiling ornaments

Yarn bits can also be used to make dangling ornaments for the roof of your home. Be it a birthday or the holiday season, the yarn balls can make your roof top to be more attractive. Take a bundle of the yarn remaining and make a knot at their center. You should include as many bits as possible. Then, cut them into a round ball.

  1. Valentine yarn ornaments

Valentine is an important day for most people. But, most people do not have an idea of what to give their loved ones to show their love on this big day. Using a heart shaped cookie cutter, glue and pieces of yarn; you can make a worthy gift for your love. It may look insignificant but such as an ornament can go a long way in strengthening your relationship.

  1. Snowy balloon yarn ornament

Balloons are often used in making yarn ornaments. However, this can be tricky, especially because you will be working on an inflated balloon. Nonetheless, using craft glue wrapping the yarn around the balloon will not be a challenge.

  1. Make yarn ball ornaments

You can make ornaments out of the remaining yarn balls. Insert two chopsticks into the different colored balls and place them anywhere in your home. They are simple but influential centerpieces for your décor in any season.

  1. Star yarn ornament

In this creative DIY yarn ornament project, you start by cutting a star template. Wind yarn around the outline, until the star is completely covered. To make the ornament firm, use strong craft glue. You can make the star ornaments in all colors.

These are just some of the yarn ornament ideas, which are available. You can pick a few and try them. For the best outcome and for long lasting ornaments, use pure acrylic yarns from MiraGoods. Click here to get them Now.

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