The magic of Yarn – Part 5 – The Yarn in the Garden

Yarn is a multipurpose raw material. There are innumerable ways of using yarn. One of them involves using it for garden decoration projects. You may be wondering how simple yarn can be used in the outdoors. On the contrary, there are many uses for the yarn in the garden. All that one need is a high imagination and everything else follows suit. However, if you cannot seem to have any ideas for these projects, there are several ideas online for you to implement. Here are some of the top 10 uses of yarn in the garden:

  1. Yarn planters

Planters are integral in the garden, especially when we are nurturing young plants. You can make your garden more inviting by using yarn planters. With the varying colors available in the market, you can blend your plants with the knitted planter. Consider using large needles to make the large bags, which you can plant, succulents. To ensure their longevity, hang them on the trees, shrubs or on other garden structures.

  1. Use yarn to decorate garden furniture

Your garden furniture is the centerpiece of the outdoors. You can transform its appearance by creating yarn covers for the cushions on the seats at the porch. No matter the color of your upholstered furniture, you can be sure to find a suitable yarn. However, as you choose the yarns for this project, it is important to select firm and long lasting yarns. Acrylic yarns are a perfect choice for most outdoor projects.

  1. Use yarn to wrap tea light holders

Usually, when people are holding garden parties or when they are spending evenings outdoors, they use candles and tea lights to create the desired mood. You can wrap the jars with a yarn of a color that matches with the rest of the décor. For an enhanced look, place different sizes of jars in the place.

  1. Make pretty napkin holders for your friends and family

Table setting makes all the difference in a garden party. You can make it even more welcoming by using yarn to crotchet simple but decorative napkin holders for your guests. They will really appreciate your thoughtfulness. The napkin holders can be used indoors too.

  1. Create yarn spheres for your garden

For a more Disney look in your garden, make spheres out of yarn and hang them between trees. The process of making the spheres does not require many materials. All you need is yarn balls of different colors, glue and balloons or Styrofoam balls. Consider intertwining them with lights. They will look better and be visible even at night.

  1. Crotchet small flowers to decorate your rocky surfaces

If you have bare rock surfaces in your garden, you may wonder how to decorate them. Using yarn, you can make some flowers and run them around the rock. Your imagination and creativity will be required here. You need to choose a suitable color combination. In addition, you have to choose a yarn that will stand the environmental pressures. Skein acrylic yarns can last for a long time without giving in to extreme weather parameters.

  1. Create throws for your outdoor seats

You can make a few yarn throws and place them at the back of the garden seats. Your family and guests can make use of them, to cover themselves, when relaxing in the garden in the evening.

  1. Make yarn mats for your garden seating space

If you have a space or a porch, you can transform the area with a few yarn mats. You can make use of the remaining bits of yarn in your house or you could purchase some online. The bits can make stuffy and colorful mats, which can augment the décor of your outdoor living space.

  1. Use yarn to screen out your outdoor living space

You can hang strands of yarn around the outdoor living area. Here again, you are allowed to jog your imagination. You can use different colors of yarn to make the place more appealing. This is the simplest garden yarn project there is. You only need a pair of scissors and yarn balls of various colors.

  1. Using yarn to clothe bouncy balls to increase seating area in the garden

This will not be a simple project. But, it will depend on the number of balls; you want to place in the crocheted net. The bouncy balls can enhance the décor of the garden and it can offer seating space for the adults. Besides, they can be a perfect playground for kids.

All the aforementioned garden yarn projects will need quality yarn that will stand the pressure of the weather elements. For all outdoor projects, consider Yarn Skeins acrylic bonbons, which are available for sale here.

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