The Magic of yarn – Part 6 – Yarn Fashion – the top 10 uses of yarn in the fashion

The art of yarn is not going anywhere sooner. Today, as the world of fashion incline towards vintage wear, we can expect to see yarn clothing more often. The yarn is being used widely in the fashion scene. Nowadays, you will find yarn-clothing items of all designs in the online stores. They retail a bit higher than the fabric items. Maybe, because they are made by hand, from scratch. They are even labeled “hand-crafted items”. You too can learn how to use yarn in fashion. Below are some of the top uses of yarn in clothes, shoes and other fashion accessories.

  1. Yarn embroidery on outfits

The art of embroidery has never lost taste. Yarn has been used over the years to make embroidery designs of all kinds on outfits. The yarn helps to accent the outfit and make it more outstanding. These designs are made to stick out to attract attention and the yarn stands out just right. It comes in different colors to suit every project.

  1. Personalizing clothing

Personalized items are the envy of most people. The yarn is used to personalize items including clothes and bags. The personalizing project may include a number of things including writing the initials of the client and crocheting designs of choice on the item. The beauty with the yarn is that it marries well with all kinds of fabrics.

  1. Knitting yarn dresses

In the olden days, knitted dresses and skirts were the order of the day. They have made a comeback. You will see them in most fashion online stores. Yarn is used to make lovely dresses. Such a project would take one long time to complete but the product is amazing. A handmade yarn dress will certainly cost a fortune on the online stores. This is something you should give a thought.

  1. Yarn throws

Throws are no longer used entirely for keeping one warm. They are also fashion accessories, a woman should not miss in their closet. However, nothing ticks as yarn throws. They are soft to the touch, warmer and utterly beautiful. What more if they are made of acrylic yarn, they are perfect choices for people with allergies.

  1. Yarn scarves

Yarn is also made to make scarves. While scarves are often thought to be worn during the cold season, they are becoming an important part of fashion. They are hung around the neck to complement outfits. Sometimes, they are hung leisurely on the hand, for the same purposes. In other cases, they are placed on one side of the shoulder. As you can see, the scarves have many uses but a yarn scarf can go a long way.

  1. Yarn hats to complement fashion clothing

Hats come in handy during summer, when the temperatures get high. Besides, warmer hats are needed at winter when the temperatures become very uncomfortable. Yarn makes warm headgears. They can be made of different colors and designs.

  1. Yarn handbags and clutches

Women and handbags are inseparable. Mostly, they use leather but nowadays more options are coming up including yarn knitted or crocheted bags. The beauty with the handmade yarn handbags and clutches is that they have a rustic touch but still finding a place in the contemporary fashion.

  1. Yarn cardigans and sweaters

Cardigans and sweaters made of yarn are not only warmer but they are also classy. Yarn makes long lasting products. However, it all depends with the type of the yarn. Acrylic yarns are the ultimate choice when it comes to knitting projects. They have the right tension and they are available in an array of colors.

  1. Making trendy baby shoes or boots

Yarn is also used to make trendy baby boots or shoes. For yarn boots the best yarn should be used. This is because in as much as the boots are a piece of fashion, they are also supposed to make them warm.

  1. Yarn decoration on women shoes

Yarn is often used to decorate doll shoes for women. The decorations come in form of a bow or a love shape among other designs. Yarn decorations make the shoes bubbly and fashionable. The above creative ways of using yarn in fashion, shows the numerous ways in which you can use it. However, not every yarn will produce the best results. Yarn Skeins from here are of high quality, 100% acrylic and best suited for various yarn projects.

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