The magic of yarn – Part 7 – Yarn Toys – Crochet toys for beginners

Crocheting is the best method of making toys. If you have kids, you understand their love for toys. Sometimes the playing items can be very expensive. But, if you know how to crotchet, you can make your child a few lovely yarn toys but affordable. How do you go about it? All thanks to the internet, you can access several free patterns, which you can try out. For a starter it is important to start with simple crocheting techniques. Here is one crotchet toy for beginners you should make:

Baby monsters

Baby monsters are nothing but some puffy huge babies, just the right companion for your young ones. Their round-drum shape makes them to appear funny to the kids. As a beginner, this is the best project to start with, since it helps you to learn how to crotchet in the round. Below is the procedure:


  • A ball of worsted Yarn Skeins worsted-weight acrylic yarn of a color of your choice

  • Crotchet hook (Size E) or any other that you are comfortable using

  • Polyester fibre for stuffing the little monster

  • Plastic eyes for the baby monster

  • White felt

  • Embroidery floss

  • Craft glue

  • Scissors

  • Yarn needle

  • Embroidery needle

Head /body of the baby monster procedure

  1. Make a ring with the yarn, pass the hook through the front of the ring and hook the yarn. Then, make a loop through the ring.

  2. Wind the working yarn from behind around the hook and make another loop with the hook. This is referred to as a chain stitch and it is often abbreviated as “ch 1”.

  3. Into the ring, single crotchet six stitches through the ring and make a loop of the working yarn from the front.

  4. Now you have two loops on the hook. Wind the yarn on the hook from behind and pull the two loops. This is just one stitch that you have made into the ring. Make five more

  5. Pull up the short tail of the yarn, to complete the ring. This forms the foundation for the rest of your baby monster.

  6. To increase size of the circle, crotchet twice into every stitch- This does not have to be a nightmare. It only involves making two single stitches in one spot, which is regarded as an increase, denoted as “2 sc into next st”. For the first round, you will need to make 12 stitches. The most accurate way of counting the stitches, is by adding up every “v” that is around the ring/round.

  7. In the second round, make 18 stitches. How do you do this? Make two stitches and follow it with a single stitch, until the round is complete.

  8. The third round is the last ring you will need to increase. In this round, increase at every third stitch. What does this mean? You should single crotchet twice in the first stitch and single crotchet once in the following stitches. Repeat this process until you have finished the round. At the end, you should have 24 stitches. Make 9 rows using the same technique. The number of rows will depend with the height you want to achieve for your baby monster.

  9. Finish the baby monster- This means that you reduce some stitches on either side of the cylindrical crotchet toy.

  10. Base- the base of the monster should be the same size as its body. Use step 9 to make the base but stitch only a single row.

  11. Fix the plastic eyes by first using the white felt. You will later install eyelashes, eyebrows and all the other expressions, using the embroidery needle and floss. Make him some teeth too, using the felt.

  12. Stuff the baby monster with the polyester fillings

  13. Join the pieces using the yarn and the needle.

There you have it the whole process of making a baby monster. It might seem long and overwhelming but when you put the procedure into practice, you enjoy the whole process. All you need is the right materials. For the yarn, do not use any other type but MiraGoods Yarn Skeins. Click here to get them Now. They are made entirely of acrylic and available in all the colors in the color palette.

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