Yarn – The everlasting yarn and never old-fashioned! – Do not forget your roots

From the inception of the weaving loom, there have been tremendous changes in the clothing industry. In the past, knitting was one of the core methods of making clothing. However, times have changed and things are not the same any more. All the same, yarn is still being used in the fashion world, although not in the same magnitude it was used in the past. There is a need to revive the forgotten and neglected art of knitting, because of its innumerable benefits.

Why should we nurture the art of knitting in our children and the generations to come?

It arouses ones imagination

The wonderful handmade creations of yarn on different online stores are evident enough of the creativity and the high imagination of the knitters. Knitting has a way of reawakening creative ideas that we never imagined we had. Out of a yarn ball, one is able to create ornaments for holiday decorations, create embroidery designs on clothing, and make toys and jewelry among others. All these shows the capabilities of the yarn and most importantly the power of human creativity that only comes out when one is knitting. If you teach your kids how to knit, you may help them to do well in school and in their future lives as decision makers.

Keeps one engaged

Often, knitting follows a process. It is more like a food recipe. One mere mistake can ruin the final product. Hence, one needs to concentrate when they are knitting or crocheting, otherwise they will lose the count of the stitches. Furthermore, as you become an expert, you get addicted to it.

Income generator

If you are a keen shopper, you might have noticed that any item, which is handmade costs a quite a fortune. Knitting is a lucrative industry. If you are creative enough and have the right yarn in place, you can sell your products throughout the world. With this, you may not even need another job. There is money in knitting.

Accords a sense of satisfaction

The beauty with knitting is that it makes you a creator and designer. You understand how you feel when you get a recipe right. That is the same feeling you get when you complete a knitting project, especially if you came up with the pattern.

Health benefits

One may wonder how knitting relates to health. Research has it that, there is some correlation. Carrie Barron a psychiatrist working for the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons says that knitting reduces depression and anxiety. She is a knitter too. Hence, we can say that this is coming right from the horse’s mouth. She also points out that the art can help to prevent tendinitis and arthritis. How does this old skill alleviate stress and depression? As the knitter uses their hands, 60% of the brain activity is also focused on the act.

The rhythmic pattern keeps the mind off bad thoughts. It enables the person to get lost into another virtual world and they are protected from engaging in destructive thought. The knitter is enabled to have an internal reflection. This makes the person to think more creatively.

Another health benefit of knitting is that it enhances the mood of the knitter. If you are sad, simply reach out to your needles and yarn, and then let your imagination go wild. It is an effective way of dispelling sadness, without indulging in dangerous behaviors. As a parent, you can teach your teenager, how to knit and give them a getaway destination, when their lives are not going as they expected.

With all the above benefits, we cannot give up knitting yet. In a world that stressful circumstances, hang like a dark cloud on most people’s lives, knitting can be a relief. It can help us remove the sadness and replace it with happiness. Besides, it can enable us to harness creative minds in the children, for the sake of their future. We cannot overemphasize the importance of a healthy mind, which knitting is able to nurture. Nevertheless, you must use the best yarn for a satisfactory knitting job. Always work with Yarn Skein from MiraGoods. They are available on Amazon at prices you cannot imagine. The yarns are of unmatched quality and a silky touch to go with.

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