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★ THE TERRARIUM SECRET: A Terrarium is simply a collection of small plants growing in transparent container, either open or sealed. It includes mainly soil, rocks, sand, seeds or plants, mini decorative figures and accessories. The terrarium secret is simple– to grow your wonderful mini eco-system, you need only 2 main things– nurture and moisture
★ ALL IN ONE TERRARIUM KIT: by day it grows, at night it glows, featuring a true night magic – the light up stones – they really create an amazing bright and mystic night glow in this mini terrarium; in addition you have all else to create your mini world and grow life: potting soil, color sand, rocks, glow in the dark stickers, decoration stickers, lion toy, terrarium jar with starry lid, spray bottle, booklet with step by step setting up guide, terrarium fun facts, terrarium journal and more
★ 100% EDUCATIONAL SCIENCE KIT: enhancing kids creativity side can bring only advantages in later life, making kids more imaginative, creative, self-confident, organized and with attention to details; this terrarium craft kit is great start to help kids become more self-aware and caring, learning the basics of botany, and a little bit of science in the fun and engaging way
★ GREAT STEM TOYS GIFTS FOR GIRLS AND BOYS: children are curious about all aspects of life, and they truly want to know all about everything 😊 and now ; STEM toys for kids are the best way to help them feed their life and science curiosity, thirst for learning fast and on themselves, as well as learning the art of patience and meeting their responsibilities more successfully
★ KRAFTZLAB MISSION: all our science projects for kids support kids I CAN DO IT attitude for achieving their goals and completing their tasks. We try to encourage kids to be brave, creative, independent, to trust their instincts, broad knowledge and imagination more, to be responsible and organized. Kids thirst for knowledge is strongest when they are younger, and we have tried to make science interesting and fun, so we can grow the curiosity in them and the strive to learn a little bit more

Is KRAFTZLAB Terrarium Kit the STEM Toy for Me?
– I am curious
– I want to do it myself
– I want to know how
– I want to know when
– I strive to learn new things
– I believe I CAN DO IT
Then, YES, absolutely, this is the right science kit for you!

KRAFTZLAB Terrarium Step by Step Making Guide – It is Simple, It is Educational, It is Fun!

Follow the below 9 steps to get it ready in just a few minutes:
Note: Moist each layer, using the spray bottle, before adding the next one, in order for layers to mix with each other as less as possible!
Step 1: First layer – potting soil- add just about 1/3 of the bag;
Step 2: Second layer – color sand;
Step 3: Third layer – rocks;
Step 4: Forth layer – potting soil;
Step 5: Fifth Layer – adding the seeds – this could be done after decorating inside the jar or before setting up the remaining accessories;
Step 6: It’s stickers time – decorate the terrarium with both types of stickers as you wish;
Step 7: Arrange the Terrarium: add the decorative figures as desired, use the provided or add extras you have at home, or purchased separately;
Step 8: The Glow in the Dark Stones: imagine where you like them to glow at night and arrange accordingly;
Step 9: When you are done, add the starry lid for complete finish look of your terrarium.


=>Potting soil; =>Color sand; =>Rocks; =>Glow in the dark stickers; =>Decoration Stickers; =>Lion Toy; =>Glow in the dark special stones; =>Terrarium Jar with Starry lid; =>Spray bottle; =>Booklet with step by step setting up guide, terrarium fun facts, terrarium journal and more

What is the Terrarium Used for?
-Educational purposes;
-For decoration;
-As a fun hobby.

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