STENZTIME The Ultimate Stencil Drawing Kit | Over 260 Different Drawing Shapes| Large 70 Piece Stencil Set| The Ideal Kids Gift for Any Occasion| The Perfect Creativity Art Kit and Educational Toy

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Why StenzTime Drawing Stencil for Kids?

  • Fantastic Educational Toy – help build child’s self-esteem, confidence, creativity side, imagination, adopting color recognition, shapes, fine motor skills and hand coordination.
  • Safe for Kids  – non-toxic stencils and soft plastic non-breakable material, flexible and easy to work with.
  • All in One Stencil Set –  including 15 drawing stencils with various shapes, as well as letter stencils set, 20 drawing sheets, 20 plain sticker sheets, 12 colored pencils, 1 pair of scissors, 1 sharpener and 1 clear plastic zipped storage pouch.
  • The Only Drawing Stencils Kit featuring 20 Plain Sticker Sheets – kids can create their own fun stickers to use everywhere they wish- apply on your school bag, food basket, favourite bed, notebook, fridge, exchange with friends and more.
  • Washable and Reusable stencil sheets.
  • Portable carry me anywhere lightweight stencils set case – comfortable to carry, tidy and soft material.
  • Fun activity kids do love – the stencils drawing is not only educational, but also fun – keep kids away from TV and computer games.
  • Enhance Kids Social Skills – this stencil kit is great activity to share with friends in the park, school or your neighbour’s back yard – kids play, learn and communicate with each other, while being outside, having fresh air and sun.

StenZtime Stencil Set can be used anywhere and anytime:

  • home
  • park
  • plane
  • car
  • school
  • neighbour’s back yard
  • holiday
  • possibilities are limitless.

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